Our Icon wine takes its name from the highest point in the sky. Every December 21, the southern hemisphere experiences the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. That is the day the sun reaches its zenith (Cenit in Spanish) over our vineyard, and we celebrate by making the final blend, which aims to express the synergy of the best characteristics of each variety selected for this wine.

Cenit 2007

Origin and Composition

Colchagua Valley

Caliterra Estate

41% Cabernet Sauvignon
39% Malbec
20% Petit Verdot

18 months in French and American oak barrels

Tasting Notes

This wine is dark with alluring ruby red tints that appear when the glass is tilted.

The nose is simply spectacular. lt can be tasted before being viewed by the public eye making it young, powerful and full of fruit strength. lt has already hinted towards its storage potential which shall easily surpass the decade. (I would like to store it in the cellar for a couple of years but not without a twinge of anxiety, like a father who is overly protective of his daughter. lt is extremely young and with a tremendous future. lt’s almost as if the child Picasso would exhibit doodles in an art gallery, or as if van Gogh had to be recognized and valued during his time.). Furthermore, out of all three versions, this is the freshest and liveliest.

In the mouth, it is more filling than many wines can ever hope to be. lt is smooth, bordering on oily but at the same time it has a marked nerve that makes it very tasty. It has a practically indefinite finish just like its previous sibling.

Decant and serve at 18ºC.


Vintage 2007

Gold Medal Sommelier Wine Awards

Vintage 2007

Silver Medal International Wine Challenge
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