Our Icon wine takes its name from the highest point in the sky. Every December 21, the southern hemisphere experiences the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. That is the day the sun reaches its zenith (Cenit in Spanish) over our vineyard, and we celebrate by making the final blend, which aims to express the synergy of the best characteristics of each variety selected for this wine.

Cenit 2010

Origin and Composition

Colchagua Valley

Caliterra Vineyard

20 % Cabernet Sauvignon
17 % Carmenere
30 % Malbec
13 % Petit Verdot
10 % Cabernet Franc
10 % Syrah

Tasting Notes

Deep purplish-ruby red in color, Cenit 2010 is full of blackberry and blueberry aromas with a bit of black pepper and tea leaf accompanied by a touch of sweetness that recalls butterscotch. Highly complex on the nose, this wine expresses all of its character as it opens in the glass.
The palate offers tremendous elegance and volume. Notes of sour cherries emerge to accompany this well-structured and complex wine from Colchagua. Its vibrant acidity points to the long life ahead for this wine.