DSTNTO (Carbonic Maceration)

This blend was created through the ancestral carbonic maceration process in which grapes are fermented inside each individual berry, resulting in great freshness and intensity.


Origin and Composition

Colchagua Valley

Caliterra Estate

58% Malbec
24% Syrah
12% Carignan
6% Petit Verdot

Ideal consumed from late 2016 and late 2018

Tasting Notes

DSTNTO 2016 is a young blend of Malbec, Syrah, Carignan and Petit Verdot. With an intense red color, it is fresh, fruity, and it shows a lot of tension and texture on the palate. This version of DSTNTO 2016 also stands out for its pleasant aroma and flavor intensity achieved through the ancient and distinctive technique of carbonic maceration, that incorporates the use of earthware amphoraes for the first time.