Edicion Limitada A 2015

Origin and Composition

Denomination of Origin:
Colchagua ValleyProperty/Estate:
Caliterra Winery

42% Carmenere
58% Malbec

100% aged in barrels for 18 months.

Tasting Notes

Very appealing to the sight, this wine shows a deep crimson-red colour with bluish rims. Elegant and mysterious, it unfolds at the beginning of its complex bouquet some sweet floral hints mixed with the spicy accents that are typical of Carmenère. As it opens up in the glass, notes of black currants and pomegranate show up, accompanied by herbal aromas of thyme and rosemary. Touches of roasted tomatoes and black pepper give an aromatic closure to this beautiful wine and open the way to the appreciation of its juicy and fruity flavours and texture on the palate. With its pronounced intensity, freshness and crispiness, this great wine promises to keep surprising.