Environmental preservation

Our strong alliance with nature leads us to protect and conserve the area surrounding our vineyards. Wild horses and alpacas run freely through our native forests and naturally control the growth of weeds, which helps prevent forest fires. We also take special care to preserve the native flora and fauna in our sub-valley because of their great contributions to the character and unique identity that the biodiversity lends to our vineyard’s terroir.

  • Development of environmental protocols and standards.
  • Identification of polluting sources and implementation of reduction plans.
  • Implementation of erosion protection plans.
  • Looking after more than 50 free wild horses to prevent hillside fires.
  • Intensive reforestation plans.
  • Implementation of waste and water recycling plans.
  • Organic waste management and reincorporation of pruning back to the vineyards.
  • Implementation of damaged areas recovery plans.
  • Conservation of native flora within the property.
  • Prohibition of logging native forests and promoting proliferation of flora within hillsides.



Environmental Preservation

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